Why the perfect city trip begins with the right cabin bag

Most travellers are unware that hand luggage restrictions differ between airlines. Don’t let the jumble of dimensions ruin your city trip. There’s an easy way to ensure that your bag will not raise red flags at check-in, no matter which carrier you fly with.

Consider this scenario: last year, you booked a weekend to Riga with easyJet. You found the city, with its art nouveau architecture and wealth of museums, to be an absolute delight. So you promptly make plans to return this autumn. Only this time, your significant other books the tickets through Ryanair and, all of a sudden, you’re asked by airline staff to check in the very same bag you used last time.

You might wonder how this is possible. Well, not all airlines set the same cabin luggage restrictions. In the UK alone, the five largest airlines all apply different rules. Vueling, for example, caps hand baggage at 10kg, while BMI Regional will allow up to 12kg. Meanwhile, Ryanair declines cabin bags with a height of more than 55cm, though easyJet will let you fly off with 56cm. That means that just one centimetre can mean the difference between a smooth start to your city trip and a decidedly more expensive one with check-in fees.

If your head is already spinning, don’t worry. Choosing a baggage model and figuring out what restrictions apply to your trip doesn’t have to be a difficult or time consuming process. There is an easy way to avoid scenarios in which, mere hours before your flight, with a ruler in hand you frantically start scrutinising your faithful travel companion and find it lacking.

To take the guessing out of the packing process, simply use the Choose Your Airline on the Samsonite website. With just a few clicks, you can select your favourite airlines. The website will then determine which models are a no-no and show you only those spinners and bags that meet the requirements of the airlines of your choice. So, next time, you can breeze through the check-in queue without a worry on your mind.