What to pack for your snowboard holiday: checklist from an expert!

Hitting the slopes real soon? To ensure you’ve got everything covered, we asked an expert to list his travel essentials. Childeric Bogaert trains the Belgian national snowboard team, and he is also one of the youth trainers within the Flemish Federation of Snowsports. You can find Childeric 120 days a year on the slopes all over Europe, America, New Zealand or Australia. Packing is something he does a few times a month, so he’s the perfect packing expert when it comes to snowboard holidays.

Childeric’s travel essentials:


My snowboard is the perfect reflection of who I am. I have a Bataleon X Stewart Cameltoe. It is a freeride board, but I also use it on the slopes and through the snowboard park. It is the best toy you can play with on the snow. So playful.

Snowboard boots

As a coach I spend many hours on the snow. I need the perfect match for my feet. Thirtytwo snowboard boots are the lightest you can find and you can pre-heat them for a perfect fit. All you need to keep your toes warm and cosy.


Never forget to put on your helmet and back protector. They can save your life.

GoPro and Steadicam

Since I train different teams, I need to film while I’m snowboarding. For that reason, it’s important I take my GoPro with me. The 3-way stick is the magic tool to follow riders closely over big jumps or rails. The steadicam helps to shoot video from a far distance.


I pack two pairs of gloves, so I can take an extra pair with me on the slopes in case my first pair gets wet. My preference goes to leather mittens: the best in extreme conditions.


I take both goggles and sunglasses, depending on the weather: goggles with two lenses; one for snow and fog conditions and the other for good weather. Sunglasses are a must-have for a drink afterwards.


Essential, always. I like to take a small all-in-one stick that I can use to protect my lips as well, and doesn’t take too much space. Mmmm… the smell of sunscreen makes me think of mountains and holidays.

Thermal underwear

I never go boarding without thermal underwear. It not only keeps you warm, it also wicks away moisture. It is one of my ‘must have’ before hitting the mountains.

Wax material

To snowboard in optimal conditions, I take my wax material with me to tune my snowboard. It helps to glide better and travel faster on the snow, plus it protects your board as well.


A good strong backpack to hit the slopes all day is essential. I use it to take my GoPro, sunscreen, drink bottle (think green), sunglasses and extra pair of gloves. The Samsonite Paradiver Light backpack is ideal for snowtrips, since it perfectly fits onto your back and it’s light and water-repellent. I prefer the yellow one since it makes you stand out on the slopes.


And when the snow is gone… I cruise around on my skateboard. For me, life is all about having fun on my boards.

And of course, don’t forget to take enough skiwear, socks and underwear.

Get packing and enjoy your trip!