With the blink of an eye Stockholm made it on every citytrippers’ travel destination list. But can we really blame ourselves? The city of meatballs and design is the picture-perfect getaway.

All great things come in pairs
Stockholm is spread across 14 islands and every neighborhood has its own character. With so much diversity you could easily spend a week in the Swedish capital and not run out of things to do. But just like you and your Samsonite suitcase all great things come in pairs. We listed for you a few pairs to give your trip that little extra. 

2 neighbourhoods you can’t miss

Gamla Stan: the island of Gamla Stan is where Stockholm was founded over 800 years ago. It’s the part of Stockholm that has the richest history. You can spot colorful façades, go to the Royal Palace, make your way through the narrowest alley and grab a cinnamon bun to go.

Södermalm: this island on the South side of Stockholm made the top 15 coolest neighborhoods in the world according to Vogue. And it has only gotten better since then. Södermalm bursts with Swedish design stores, restaurants and cafés and sometimes all in one. Fashion & design lovers will feel right at home.

2 museums to visit

Vasa Museem: the Vasa Museam is without a doubt the most popular museum in all of Stockholm. Not only the classic tourist guides advise you to pay a visit but also the locals are enthusiastic. It guides you through the story of the iconic warship Vasa.

Art in the subway: the Stockholm metro line hosts the largest art exhibit of the world, 110 km of art to be exact. All you need is a ticket for the Metro and admire sculptures, paintings, installations and engravings in over 90 subway stations. 

2 local customs to fit right in

FikaFika is an often-heard word in Stockholm. But what does it mean? Simply put, it means coffee break. But there is more. It’s the art of drinking coffee, it’s having coffee the Swedish way. Fika is often enjoyed in morning around 10 a.m. and in the afternoon around 3 p.m. A perfect place to fika is the Rosendals Trädgård Kafé & Bageri. This café and lunch spot is located in the beautiful greenhouses of the Rosendal Gardens.

Shoe-off: the chances that you will be invited into someone’s home during your trip to Stockholm are small. But if it happens, you will definitely need this tip. In Scandinavia, it’s considered very rude to enter a home with your shoes on. Out of respect for the host you always take off your shoes before entering their home.

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