Picking the perfect travel bag: straps or wheels?

There’s no reason you should have to choose between straps or wheels when it comes to choosing a bag that’s right for your city trip needs. With the Paradiver duffle on wheels backpack, you no longer have to.

Seasoned travellers tend to choose their travel bags based on their travel style and the nature of their city break. Depending on the weather, your planned activities and your overnight arrangements, you may want to opt for a spinner rather than a duffle – or vice versa. Even during one getaway, you may find that the model best suited to your needs can vary from one moment to the next.

At the airport, for instance, spinners (four-wheeled suitcases) allow you to sail through customs and check-in, and complete the sometimes long journey from security queue to boarding gate without breaking a sweat. However, as you hop off the plane and hit the cobblestone streets of, say, Venice - you may find it easier to navigate the city with a duffle or backpack that leaves both hands free.

What if you’re an adventurous traveller and don’t want to map out your schedule in advance? Should you go for straps or wheels?

Choosing a travel bag doesn’t have to be an either-or proposition. You can simply opt for a versatile, convertible bag like Samsonite’s Paradiver duffle on wheels backpack, which can meet all your travel needs.

Duffle on wheels backpack

The Paradiver duffle truly puts the “multi” in multifunctional. Available in five colours from crimson red to jeans blue, this bag is equipped with smooth-rolling wheels as well as a retractable handle that can be adjusted to your height. At the same time, it boasts multiple, ergonomic straps that allow it to be worn as a backpack and shoulder bag. Not to mention the various handles that make this bag easy to lift and grip.

Made from extremely durable polyurethane and inspired by a skydiver’s backpack, this bag is not only sure to meet all your travel goals, it will also continue to do so trip after trip after trip.

You’ll never want to go on another weekend trip without it.