Magical Halloween destinations for kids

For children Halloween is the best time of the year because they get to dress up, eat candy and stay up late. Trick or treating every year is great fun for them but it can also be nice to go away for the holiday. There are many different theme parks and cities that do special Halloween festivals so go ahead and explore these daunting destinations!

Disneyland Paris

The wonderful land of Disney in Paris is always a great place to go to, but around Halloween it turns into a haunting and even more magical place! All of the characters get special costumes for the occasion and there is a special Halloween parade. The kids can even play dress-up and go watch shows with the scariest characters!

Europa Park

This theme park in Germany is a must-see around Halloween because they have a festival called “a monstrous Halloween”. Not only do they have the biggest pumpkin in the world, they also put on different shows. You can go see the musical called “spook me”, an ice-skating show and scary parade!

Alton Towers

Alton towers in the West Midlands of England is the perfect scary stay! You can spend the night in one of the hotels or in their enchanted village lodges which is perfect for Halloween. From the 21st till the 31st Alton towers has a scarefest where you can go to different scare mazes. The theme park also has a rollercoaster restaurant where food spirals down onto the table!


The capital of England has some pretty scary places to go to with your kids all year round. The London dungeon, where you can enjoy rides and shows while learning about London’s history, is one that older kids will surely enjoy. For younger children there is a special Halloween event at the London Zoo where they can do Halloween activities and see the scary animals!

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