How to pack like a pro!

Travelling is something that can be relaxing and stressful at the same time. For some people, the whole trip - from packing to queuing to boarding the plane - is a breeze. However, others already panic because they can’t fit another pair of heels into their suitcase. The key to a peaceful journey is a suitcase that’s been packed well.

Here are five tips on how to pack like a pro!

  • Make a list of the basic items you need before you start packing. Then tick them off your list while you pack. Randomly throwing things into your suitcase won’t be very effective and will cause you to forget important things. Think of the countless times you forgot to bring a toothbrush.
  • Once you’ve made your list you can put everything you need onto your bed or on the floor. This will give you a good overview and make it easier to eliminate things you don’t need.
  • If you have trouble fitting all your clothes into your suitcase, you can use different techniques. The first thing you could do with shirts for example is roll them up. That way, you will be able to fit more into your case. 
  • Use hollow items such as shoes or bags to store small things like socks, belts or underwear. Chargers and other types of wires can be stored in sunglasses cases.
  • Try to wear the items of clothing that tend to take up a lot of space while travelling. A perfect travel outfit would be: a pair of jeans, sneakers, a jumper and some type of jacket. These items are all easy to combine and they won’t take up any space because you’re already wearing them.