Holiday by car: six ways to entertain your kids during the drive

When watching movies, holidays by car with the kids always look great: the children keep themselves amused; the whole family sings happy songs together; and not one of them is crying or gets bored. However, the reality is different: fifteen to twenty minutes into driving, your children repetitively start asking: “are we there yet?”. Your dream of a peaceful drive to your destination is not how you imagined it would be. Samsonite to the rescue! There are many different ways to keep your kids entertained. You just need to prepare yourself a bit. So here are our tips for a peaceful drive to that wonderful holiday destination!

This is probably the most obvious way to keep your kids entertained, but technology and children go hand in hand these days. A good movie or a playlist of their favourite music will keep them occupied long enough and if you’re lucky they might even fall asleep. Let’s face it, you could probably use some peace and quiet.

Children love their toys and they would like to take everything with them on holiday. Only problem is that your car will probably already be over packed so you need all the extra space you can get. Therefore it’s a great idea to make a little box filled with toys like books, cars and action figures. You can put it next to them so they can play with whatever they want, whenever they want.

Nothing beats a good old game in the car. One of them is I spy, where the players have to guess what object the spy saw. Another game that you can play is car counting: you pick a type of car and the kids count them. The first to see ten cars wins the game. In both games the kids have to look for something, which (hopefully) keeps them focused and calm. Even though these games have been around for centuries, they’re still a hit with children.

It’s time for a throwback because another great way to keep the kids entertained is to give them a disposable camera. You can give them one each so they can take photographs of things they find interesting. Disposable cameras are also cheap so if they lose or break them, which they probably will, it’s not an issue.

When you’re travelling for hours you and your kids will definitely get hungry, so bringing little snacks is a good idea. Sure you can bring a couple of sweets but balance it out by taking some fruit with you. Eating will keep the kids busy and satisfied at the same time: a winning combination!

Brining a couple of crayons and a colouring book always does the trick for kids. Colouring is a very therapeutic and relaxing thing to do, which is why even adults have started doing it now. If you don’t want to bring an entire book you can always print out some colouring pages of their favourite movie characters.