My passion for the perfect cup of coffee – Sasa Sestic

Meet Sasa Sestic, an award-winning barista from Australia. Sasa has been involved in the coffee business since 2003. What he loves most about being a café barista, are the relationships he develops with his customers. And of course serving coffee of the highest quality. This year he won the award for best Roaster of the Year.

Finding the perfect cup of coffee

I always liked coffee, but I didn’t know from the start that it was going to turn out to be my passion. I started making coffee when I got a job in a café in Canberra in 2003. The café was called the Italian Continental Bakery and it was in the suburb of Mawson. At that time I wasn’t fond of the coffee served in the cafés in Canberra. It was bitter, smoky and ashy and it didn’t taste nice to me. That experience was not a good one because, for me, coffee is more than just a drink.

To me, working as a barista is not only about making a great cup of coffee for your customers, it is also about remembering their names, remembering what coffee they drink, remembering what they love doing and what they love having.  It’s about that feeling of community that I can share with my customers when I get to create something for them every day. When I get to share with them that special moment when I’ve been able to give them the best possible coffee experience and when they leave, they do so with a smile. To me, that is very rewarding and that was the start of my journey into the world of coffee and the start of my passion for coffee.