Introducing: Protected By Samsonite

What better way to transport your most prized possessions than in a custom made Samsonite suitcase?

People who travel regularly for professional purposes, often take a lot of valuable belongings with them. Especially if they have a job that requires special equipment, like photographers or chefs. And of course travelling is fun, but it’s also quite exhausting. Having to stress about the safety of your belongings should be the least of your worries.

To stress the importance of a solid and high quality suitcase, Samsonite selected three well-known professionals that frequently travel the world, and designed custom made suitcases for them. These suitcases carry their most prized possessions they need to perform their job.

Sasa Sestic

First up we have Sasa Sestic, an award-winning barista from Australia. Sasa has been involved in the coffee business since 2003. He has been serving coffee to customers for another 6 years. What he loves most about being a café barista, are the relationships he develops with his customers. And of course serving coffee of the highest quality. Sasa founded his own brand called Ona Coffee in 2008, and this year he won the award for best Roaster of the Year.

Over the last three years Sasa travelled to approximately 15 countries per year. A strong and lightweight suitcase such as the Lite-Cube DLX is indispensable for his travels. In this case safely storing items such as his coffee bean grinder, filters and scale to be able to whip up that award winning cup of coffee.

Martin LeMay

Next up is Martin LeMay, a renowned fauna and flora photographer from the UK who travels regularly to shoot on location. As a youngster, he spent time taking photos with his dad’s SLR camera. He often took pictures of cricket games and other local sport events. As he grew up, his interest for flora and wildlife photography grew with.

Martin started sharing his pictures on Facebook with people interested in birds and wildlife. But his breakthrough came in March 2015 when he and his wife were spotting some green woodpeckers. When one of them flew up, Martin clicked away and noticed it had something on its back. Martin rushed home and downloaded the images. What he saw was amazing: a woodpecker flying away with a weasel firmly clinging to its back. Once uploaded to Facebook, it didn't take long for the image to go viral, with more than 15 million hits accross several websites.

His equipment is highly sensitive and very expensive and needs the best protection during transportation. That’s why we’ve turned our lightest, yet incredibly strong Lite-Shock suitcase into a made to measure case to that does just that.

Carmen Jorda

Last but not least, we have Carmen Jorda. Carmen is a racing driver and an inspiration for every woman competing for a professional seat in motorsport or in their own discipline. But that’s not all. She somehow finds the time to combine the rugged world of competitive racing with the glitter and glamour on the red carpet.

This duality is represented both in the outside of the tough but fashionable red Cosmolite, as in the inside – where high heels and racing gloves are safely kept next to one another.