Travel trends

“FOMO” – we are all confronted with it, and share this booming philosophy all together. We want to live everything – and fast. The feeling that we have when we miss something is overwhelming. The latest travel trends show that we love to travel, and that our hunger for authentic experiences is increasing.

Our bucket list gets bigger

Almost half of all travellers in the world have compiled their own bucket list, and that list predominantly features travel. Our desire to travel is even bigger than achieving a professional goal or volunteering for a cause. Social media give us the opportunity to compile the ultimate travel bucket list, and the “101 Places to See Before You Die” checklist is almost complete. 4 out of 10 baby boomers have a travel bucket list, and one fourth off all their favourite travel destinations has already been ticked off.

Cruises are booming business

2018 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years yet for river cruises, with bookings in Europe alone increasing by over 80%. From giant “floating cities” to smaller boutique river trips, travellers are taking to cruise liners and pleasure craft like, well, ducks to water. Cruise-specialist agencies have more than doubled in the last five years due to increasing demand from holiday-makers. All most half of all the travelers that never cruised before are interested in taking an ocean cruise at some stage in their life.

Asia-Pacific is trending

What are the trending destinations for the coming months? The Asia-Pacific countries are clearly doing well, with six countries showing up in the top 10 most popular cities: Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong. European cities are also trending: London and Paris take place two and three in that same ranking. We prefer destinations that are adventurous and completely new to us. Therefore it is not rare that countries as Palestine, Iceland and the Northern Mariana islands have an increased number of visitors.

We seek for wellbeing

Modern travellers are more and more seeking “wellness breaks. Every trip needs to have an added value. Glamping, culinary tours, solo travelling, volontourism, farm-stay and multi-gen travel are therefore increasingly popular. These types of travel represent about 6% (524.4 million) of all domestic and international trips. Wellness tourism is projected to grow by more than 9% per year through 2017, nearly 50% faster than overall global tourism. Walking or hiking trips enjoy particular prominence with an increase of this type of travel of 56%. Also bleisure trips are a hit these days: 66% spend more on leisure because of the money saved on travel, and more than half of the business travelers extend their trips by up to 3 days for leisure activities.

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