Giovanni Gastel defines business archetypes for new Samsonite Business campaign

For their new campaign focusing on business backpacks, Samsonite teamed up with the renowned Italian photographer Giovanni Gastel.

Samsonite collaborates with Giovanni Gastel to create ten business personalities


Business commuting can be very demanding. A backpack gives you full mobility on the go as opposed to traditional briefcases. It lets you navigate the business world in elegance and comfort. But as with any bag, a backpack needs to fit your style and personality.

Having this in mind, Samsonite created ten archetypes of business people to seamlessly fit each product. Every archetype is boasting a different outfit and accessories. With these ten personalities, they hope to address every type of business user.

Samsonite put photographer Giovanni Gastel in charge of shooting the images for the campaign. Giovanni’s surreal and iconic style has accompanied fashion communication and advertising for the past 30 years. His passion for art ensures that the composition of his pictures is very well-balanced. Giovanni: “My idea was to focus on the product as the main character of the campaign. Like in an editorial fashion picture, all elements are well integrated and the main focus is on style: the Samsonite backpack is the protagonist of the outfit, the item that gives the perfect touch to the look.” 

Catering to the needs of every fast paced corporate professional

Next to the iconic collection Pro-DLX4 (featured on the left) the campaign features three all-new Samsonite Business collections, where elegant and understated design meets supreme functionality.

Elegant and secure

The GT Supreme range from Samsonite (featured on the right) is a tribute to the tradition of long distance, high-speed journeys in both comfort and style. Created with a combination of heavy duty ballistic nylon and premium leather, the GT Supreme range is elegantly detailed. Each bag in the collection is fitted with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) protected pocket to offer security in this age of digital crime.

Form follows function

Form follows function with the Urban Arc collection (featured on the left). In the office or on the road, the streamlined design of Urban Arc spans both business and leisure. The collection is comprised of a slimline tablet bag, two bailhandles and two laptop backpacks – each with a sharp, geometric design.

Three cutting-edge ranges

The Cityscape collection (featured on the right) is the new cutting-edge line of hands-free business accessories from Samsonite, and is available in three ranges: Style, Tech and Class. All three ranges have a sleek, sophisticated design, luxurious details and multifunctional pockets.