For the first time in forever, Disney by Samsonite meets Olaf

Some collections are worth melting for.

The Olaf collection is now part of the Ultimate range of Disney by Samsonite, and is sure to steal the hearts of your little ones. Frozen is the most successful animated movie of all time, and tells the story of the fearless princess Anna who sets off on an epic journey alongside snowman Olaf to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.

Disney by Samsonite brings the adventure to life with the wonderful Olaf Ultimate collection. The beautiful 3D shapes and typical Olaf carrot nose will appeal to everyones imagination. With the collection ranging from trolleys over backpacks to pencil cases, little ones can take the magic with them wherever they go: to make an unforgettable impression at kindergarten, on their next trip with mom and dad, or they can just show it off to granny at the next sleepover.

Available in Backpack S (6.2L), Backpack S+ Pre-School (9.3L), Upright 50cm and as pencil case, there's something available for everyone. Check out the entire collection here.  

If your little princess prefers to go to school or holidays with Anna and Elsa, there is also a Frozen collection available.