City tripping 3.0 with Lite-Cube DLX

No matter whether you’re flying to Bristol or Budapest, our Lite-Cube and Lite-Cube DLX spinner collections will satisfy your every city break need, and then some.

As a traveller, you constantly have to make choices. Window or aisle seat? Economy or business? Carry-on or check-in? Style or strength?

We can’t help you with all those choices, but we can offer some advice when it comes to choosing between an elegant or robust suitcase. Don’t.

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between look and quality when it comes to spinners. Because, just admit it, the suitcases with the highest durability claims tend to be the ones you would rather leave on the baggage carousel. Conversely, the spinners that are easy on the eye often fall apart under the manhandling of cargo hold workers. As you rack up air miles, buckles start to snap, retractable handles break and zippers get stuck. And what once seemed sleek and stylish now just appears manufacturers’ sleight of hand to distract you from the low-quality make of these spinners.

Well, that’s all done now. With Samsonite’s Lite-Cube and Lite-Cube DLX collections of spinners, you’ll be able to scrap one item off your decision-making list. You’ll never have to compromise on your travel look for the sake of convenience again.

Upgrade your autumn outfit

The Samsonite classic Lite-Cube and its deluxe Lite-Cube DLX sister are for instance available in arange of colours from dark olive to electric blue that make travelling in style easy. With their stylish leather accents, fine weaving pattern and stitching details, these sophisticated suitcases will at once upgrade any autumn outfit.

Made from extremely durable yet incredibly light Curv material, these four-wheeled spinners offer maximum suitcase strength at very low weight and are available in no less than four sizes.

And if you like the elegant look of these spinners, you’ll love what’s inside them.The Lite-Cube models, for instance, are outfitted with soft-touch closing buckles and multiple dividers that will help keep your clothes wrinkle-free, while the Lite-Cube DLX spinners boast a detachable, smart packing frame and removable laundry bags for your shoes and dirty clothes.

With the Lite-Cube and Lite-Cube DLX spinners, adding a personal touch your travel outfit has never been more fun. Because, really, there’s no reason to wait until you’ve arrived at your city trip destination to look your best. What are you waiting for?