Be the favourite guest of the communion party with the perfect gift by Samsonite

Colourful balloons, smiling faces, cheerful kids and delicious food: the communion parties are finally coming up! And even though it’s a wonderful time in the year, it’s also quite stressful. Because a party like this asks for the perfect present. And let’s face it: finding the perfect present takes time and energy. But don’t worry: we’re here to help you out.

The perfect gift?

So what is the perfect gift? After a small poll, we can define the perfect present as something durable, qualitative and timeless, that you can use on a regular basis. And for kids between 6 and 12, you can really score with something they can identify with or look up to.

Want to tick all the boxes and save time and energy? Here are our tips for the perfect communion present!

The Minnie & Star Wars tablet covers don’t just maximally protect a tablet, with their favorite character featured, kids have their hero with them at all times. Functional ánd fun: the perfect combination. The Star Wars design is ideal for the fans of the galaxy far far away; and Minnie is sure to be adored by the unconditional Disney lovers. Shop now.

Schoolbags and travel items

Whether it’s a trip abroad or to school, the Minnie & Star Wars hardcases and schoolbags will make any trip more fun and extra comfy. From now on, kids can take their iconic heroes with them anywhere they go. The hardcases are the perfect travel companion: not only does it get kids into an instant state of excitement, they also make a trip more comfortable for the parents since the kids will insist on carrying their suitcase themselves. Also perfect for sleepovers, and a wonderful eye-catcher in a kid’s room. The Minnie & Star Wars schoolbags double the fun of going to school.  Not only do kids love to show off the design to their friends, the padded back panel and sternum strap ensure maximal convenience for trips from and to school – or even abroad. Discover them all!